Assessing the Sustainable Development of Vietnam's Tourism Industry


  •   Nguyen Hoang Phuong


Sustainable development is one of the world's millennium goals and is also a prime target for Vietnam's development. In our country, the concept of sustainable development has been approached since the 1980s, confirmed in the socio-economic development process of the country from 1991 to 2000, by Directive 36 of the Politburo on strengthening environmental protection during the period of national industrialization and modernization. At the same time, it is also affirmed through the guidelines through the National Party Congress thirteenth, XI, and XII, to become important orientations for industries, including the tourism industry. The article presents the principles of sustainable development and sustainable tourism, which is an important basis for the next steps of Vietnam Tourism. At the same time, the authors make assessments about the current level of development of Vietnam's tourism industry in order to achieve sustainable development of the tourism industry.

Keywords: Sustainable Development, Tourism Industry, Environmental Perspective, Policy


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