Distant Measuring and Regulating of Ecological Parameters of the Air in Closed Spaces


  •   Ruben Asatryan

  •   Hamlet Karayan

  •   Norayr Khachatryan


For providing a high socio-economic level of the population of a country high technical equipment of the enterprises producing and processing agricultural products has quite an essential value, especially in the newly developing countries such as Armenia. The introduction of modern leading technologies into the farms and agricultural enterprises will support the fast growth of production that will in its turn result in the increase of the social level of the population and decrease of the poverty. The aim of this paper is the development and creation of an experimental sample of “Ecology-Microclimate” agricultural controlling-measuring automatic electronic system, which is intended for distant measuring and regulating of the air temperature and relative humidity of the closed spaces or areas of the enterprises (farms) as well as for controlling the concentration of polluting/harmful gases (methane and ammonia). The introduction of the “Ecology-Microclimate” system in the poultry factories and other farms and greenhouse enterprises as well as grain product stores will undoubtedly lead to the increase of the production and safe long-term storage.

Keywords: Control of Microclimatic Parameters, Agricultural Farms, Control of Concentrations of the polluting Gases, Heading of External Mechanisms


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Asatryan, R., Karayan, H. and Khachatryan, N. 2019. Distant Measuring and Regulating of Ecological Parameters of the Air in Closed Spaces. European Journal of Engineering Research and Science. 4, 9 (Sep. 2019), 26-28. DOI:https://doi.org/10.24018/ejers.2019.4.9.1482.