Development of a Hammer Mill with Double Sieving Screens


  •   Oluyemisi Adebanjo Ojomo

  •   A. J. Fawohunre


A hammer mill with double sieving device was designed and fabricated from locally available materials for grinding grains and other agricultural products. The conceptual design was based on the principle of design by analysis. The test carried out on the machine showed that the crushing capacity of the machine is 51.5 Kh/hr. The moisture content, machine speed and the interaction between them had significant effect on the milling power and specific energy requirement at 5 % level of significance. Milling power and specific energy requirement of the machine increased with increase in moisture content. The maximum crushing efficiency of 79.3 %, minimum milling power and specific energy requirement of 0.09 Kw and 3.04 Kwh/mg respectively were obtained at moisture content of 8 % (wb) and machine speed of 2000 rpm. Regression models that could be used to express the relationship existing between the hammer mill performance indices, product moisture content and machine speed were established. The machine has dual purpose for either electric motor or petrol engine.

Keywords: Development, Hammer Mill, Performance Test, Screens


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