Simplified Rate Expression for Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) and Methanol Alkali Catalyzed Transesterification Reaction


  •   A. D. Okewale

  •   Millionaire Freeborn Nestor Abowei

  •   F. O. Agbogun

  •   C. N. Owabor


The need for the development of simplified kinetics rates expression (-RA) for Vegetable Oils Alkali catalyzed Transesterification processes to enhance biodiesel production motivated this study. The study, therefore aimed at proposing unified simple rate expression that may be a useful prelude to design various reactor types for Alkali Catalyzed Transesterification of palm kernel oil (PKO) and Methanol reactions. The kinetics   rate expression is proposed using simple explicit algebraic technique with the consideration that alkali catalyzed transesterification reaction of palm kernel oil and methanol is a reversible bimolecular reaction. The proposed kinetic reaction rate expression is developed as a function of conversion (XA), reactants and products concentration and reaction rate constants (k1 and k2). The kinetics reaction rate expression obtained is further evaluated   on the basis of reactants and product molar masses and densities. The developed models were simulated using Matlab codes programming techniques. The results for kinetic reaction rates (-RA & -ReA) decreases with decrease in fractional volume change (e) and increase in fractional conversion at constant reaction time. The results were quite compatible with those of inferential laboratory physicochemical characterization reported.

Keywords: Simplified, Kinetic Rate Expression, Alkali Catalyzed Transesterification, Palm Kernel Oil Methanol Biodiesel


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