The The Fine Structure Constant and Radiative Corrections for the Electron and Positron Cores as Viewed in the Planck Vacuum Theory


  •   William C. Daywitt


The present paper derives the radiative corrections for the electron and positron cores in the Planck vacuum theory, leading to the electron and position particles in a 7-dimension spacetime. The physical meaning of the fine structure constant is twofold: it is the ratio of the electron spin coefficient to the electron-core spin coefficient; and it is the probability that an electron or positron will emit or absorb a photon. The nature of this photon defines the spin quanta in the PV theory. Results suggest that the Feynman and Schwinger QED calculations refer to the PV state. Finally, the closed-loop electron-positron pairs in the Feynman diagrams are explained.

Keywords: Fine Structure Constant, Radiative Corrections, Dirac Equation, Electron, Positron, Particle-Antiparticle Pair, Spin Quantum, Planck Vacuum, Vacuum Structure.


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