Smart Home: An Empirical Analysis of Communication Technological Challenges


  •   Md. Razu Ahmed

  •   Mohammad Osiur Rahman

  •   Md. Jiabul Hoque


Smart home is a prime research interest among researchers around the globe due to the fact that it offers ample features to make people’s life effortless and efficient. People can lead their life smartly through the use of smart home technology [17]. There are numerous communication systems in both wired and wireless media exist that are used in smart home technology. However, not a single communication system itself can satisfy all the demands of secure, comfort and intelligent smart home system. Wireless communication is flexible, requires negligible number of instruments, cheap and easy to install but the key concerning issue for wireless communication system in smart home technology is the slow data rate. In contrast, wired communication provides better performance through the provision of higher data rate and uninterrupted connectivity; however, consumers have to pay substantial amount of payment for smart home services [3]. Therefore, it is essential for researchers to analyze both wired and wireless communication system in terms of data rate and area of coverage in order to find out the right communication system for right feature of smart home system. In this paper, authors reviewed and analyzed both wired and wireless communication methods that are commonly used in smart home technology. It can be seen after careful analysis that for majority of the services of smart home system can get better result through the use of wireless communication system even though wired communication system offers better data rate and greater coverage.

Keywords: Data Rate, Smart Home, Wired Communication, Wireless Communication.


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