A Study on Roughness of Workpiece Surface When Centreless Grinding of SAE1045 Steel


  •   Le Hong ky


This paper presents a study of roughness of surface of centreless grinding workpiece with horizontal feed. The testing material used in this study is SAE1045 steel. This study was conducted with three main contents. The first one is an experimental study that determines the impact of dressing feed rate, depth of dressing, horizontal feed rate and the velocity of control wheel to roughness of workpiece surface. The second one is to build the roughness model of workpiece surface by the response surface method. The third one is to use the roughness model to predict the surface roughness, and compare with roughness value when testing. The issues that need to be carried out in subsequent studies have also been mentioned in this paper.

Keywords: Centreless Grinding, Surface Roughness, SAE1045 Steel


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