Non-Combustion ⁴He Powered Propulsion


  •   Nelson Enrique Bolivar

  •   Ivaylo T. Vasilev


One of the biggest hurdles nowadays rocket propulsion is the large use of fuel. The amount of fuel and the burning efficiency defines how long the rocket engine can work which intimately limits the range and the load capacity of the rockets and spaceships. This according to the Newton third law is unavoidable - in order to move forward you need to leave something behind. There have been several attempts in the past to create an engine which doesn't use fuel in the common sense, like the M drive, but so far all of them were unsuccessful. In this article we attempt to explore a novel principle, a recycling cycle of fuel, by optimizing parametrically a system that uses ⁴He phase transition.

Keywords: Propulsion, fuel, helium, phase change


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