Restructuring of Backrest and Drainage Provision System in the Campus Area


  •   Ofik T. Purwadi

  •   L. Afriani

  •   A. Zakaria


The University of Lampung area, especially in the Faculty of ISIP, FEB, and FT is a densely packed student area. This area has undergone many land-use changes. The condition of the land as a green open space has changed its function to become an area for lecture buildings and offices. One of the impacts is an increase in direct surface runoff and a decrease in the quantity of water that seeps into the ground, this condition causes flooding during the rainy season. To facilitate the rehabilitation of the drainage system in the University of Lampung area, it is necessary to redesign the drainage system of the University of Lampung area. Rehabilitation of drainage channels is carried out to resolve flood inundation points that occur during the rainy season. Rainwater that is channeled through drainage channels is directed to natural or artificial reservoirs. The collected rainwater is used to recharge groundwater through natural infiltration methods. The analysis carried out in this study includes hydrological analysis and analysis of the existing drainage sections and the solutions are given. The hydrological analysis aims to calculate the planned discharge using the rational method. Modeling with the application used in this study aims to determine the capacity of the water level in the existing channel. Based on the results of the analysis, in the area, the Faculty of Engineering experienced runoff and inundation. This situation requires rehabilitation of the Lampung University area drainage system.

Keywords: drainage, redesign, rehabilitation


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