The Application of Fuzzy Inference System (FIS) to Determine the Employee Additional Salary


  •   Mujiono Sadikin

  •   . Darminto

  •   S. K. Purwanto


The increasing of employee salary is one of the mechanisms to maintain the good employee performance. The decision of periodic additional salary for a certain employee is the difficult task even in some cases this is a sensitive issue. To minimize such as those problems, the fair additional salary computation performed by system can be chosen as the way out. The study presents the application of fuzzy inference system (FIS) to determine the additional salary computation. This study uses the real dataset collected from a local drinking water distribution company. The experiment results confirm that the method is feasible to be applied for this purpose. This feasibility conclusion is supported by the little deviation between manual computation results compared to FIS. For almost all cases, the FIS provides more detail results.

Keywords: Employee Appraisal, Additional Salary, Employee Performance, Decision Support System, FIS, Fuzzy Logic


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