Individual Universes of the Multiverse


  •   Szalay Istvan


Using exploded numbers we consider the exploded three-dimensional space as a mathematical model of the Multiverse. Our universe is only one among the infinite number three-dimensional individual universes of the Multiverse. We introduce the concept of box – phenomenon of objects outsize our universe. Applying a shift coordinate transformation we investigate the shifted box – phenomenon and show certain parts of objects in the Multiverse selected from in different individual universes. Among others we show that the same part of a given object yields different views depending on the individual universes. Moreover, we give a measure of distance concerning the Multiverse. Finalliy, we mention the super – distance of different individual universes.

Keywords: Exploded and Compressed Numbers, Individual Universes, Box – Phenomenon


I. Szalay: Exploded and compressed numbers, LAMBERT Academic Publishing,

Germany, 2016. ISBN: 978-3659-94402-4

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