Finite Element Analysis of a Ribbed Roofing Panel under Static Flexure


  •   Chinedum Vincent Okafor


This study focuses on analyzing the response of a typical ribbed aluminum panel under flexure. A three dimensional finite element model was developed to stimulate the static flexure behavior. The model is a 2.0m (length) x 1.0m (width) x 0.005m (Thickness) with a rib height of 0.038m, crest width of 0.019m and pan distance at 0.055m between intermediate ribs. The load deflection response of the aluminum panel under different flexural loading condition was stimulated. The linear material properties, displacement, stress and strain captured were discussed under static conditions. From the result obtained, the maximum uniformly distributed load carrying capacity of the ribbed aluminum roofing panel under flexure, considering the linear material properties is 665N.

Keywords: Finite Element Analysis, Aluminum Ribbed Roofing Panel, Flexure, Ultimate Carrying Capacity, Von Mises Stress, Principal Stress


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