•   Olutosin O. Ilori

  •   Ibiyemi A. Idowu

  •   Kehinde M. Adeleke


This work compared the effect of fillers on the mechanical properties of recycled low-density polyethylene composites under non-weathered and weathered conditions. Pure water sachet wastes, glass wastes were sourced from dump-site at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, while the talc was sourced from Lagere, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Recycling of plastic bags (low-density polyethylene) and the preparation of recycled low-density polyethylene (RLDPE)/glass, RLDPE/ talc and RLDPE/glass/talc composites were carried out using a furnace at compositions of 0 to 40% in steps of 10% by weight. The mixtures were then poured into hand-laid mould for tensile, impact and hardness tests. The samples were divided into two groups; one group was subjected to natural weathering conditions. The results of mechanical tests carried out were subjected to a paired t-test. The study concluded that there was no significant difference between the non-weathered and weathered samples. This implies that both talc and glass were able to reinforce recycled low density polyethylene (RLDPE) under both conditions and can help resist degradation.

Keywords: Recycled Low Density Polyethylene (RLDPE), Weathering, Glass, Talc, Mechanical Properties


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