Burnishing Operation for Corrosion Resistance Improvement of AISI 1017 Carbon Steel


  •   Zeyad D. Kadhim

  •   Mohammed Abdulraoof Abdulrazzaq

  •   Suha Qays AL-Shahrabalee


This research deal with investigation the influence of burnishing operation on the corrosion resistance of low carbon steel. The burnishing operation involve pressing a hard roller made from stainless steel on the surface of the rotatory shaft, this operation leads to the formation of a plastic deformation on the surface of the steel. Burnishing feed and burnishing speed were the variables which are used for this study. The first group involve hold burnishing speed on 125rpm with variable feeds of 0.6, 0.9, 1.5, 2 and 3mm/rev and the second group involve hold burnishing feed on 2 mm/rev with variable speed of 85, 125, 370, 800 and 1200rpm. The corrosion test was done via applying potentiostat at 23ºC in sample of water from Tigress River at upstream Samara’a barrage and groundwater (Yousifia salt well 90m below ground surface). The result showed that there was improvement in corrosion resistance of the steel were the corrosion rate reduced from 7.577 mpy to 0.685 mpy in sample of water from Tigress River and from 8.878 mpy to 1.38 mpy sample of water from groundwater.

Keywords: Carbon Steel, Corrosion Resistance, Burnishing Operation


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Kadhim, Z., Abdulrazzaq, M. and AL-Shahrabalee, S. 2018. Burnishing Operation for Corrosion Resistance Improvement of AISI 1017 Carbon Steel. European Journal of Engineering Research and Science. 3, 6 (Jun. 2018), 21-27. DOI:https://doi.org/10.24018/ejers.2018.3.6.749.