Comparative Energy and Exergy Analysis of a Thermal Power Plant With/Without Retrofitted Inlet Air Cooler: A Case Study


  •   Sufianu Adeiza Aliu

  •   Promise Ijeoma Ochornma


The result of this study shows the performance of Ihovbor Gas Power Plant in Benin, Edo State Nigeria using first and second law of thermodynamics. Analysing the efficiency of the plant using first law of thermodynamics showed that with increase in inlet air temperature, the energy conversion efficiency of the plant reduces. The exergy efficiency of the plant also confirmed that increase in inlet air temperature results in decrease of the exergetic efficiency of the plant. Analysis of each of the components showed the greatest destruction of exergy was in the combustion chamber while the least is the Gas turbine section. Using numerical method in analyzing the gas turbine plant when retrofitting with an evaporative inlet air cooler showed better performance in energy conversion as power generation increased with an average of  1% per 1oC degree fall in temperature, the work ratio and thermal efficiency of the plant also increased. The analysis of the modified plant using second law of thermodynamics showed an increase in magnitude of both the exergy destroyed and the efficiency of the plant. Analysis showed that integrating evaporative cooler as component of the inlet air cooler increases the efficiency of the Air compressor by over 0.8%  thus increasing the plant’s exergetic efficiency.

Keywords: Ambient Temperature, Efficiency, Energy, Evaporative Cooler, Exergy


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