Analysis of Thermal Comfort in an Office Space Using Two Typical Ventilation Modes.


  •   Chinedum Vincent Okafor

  •   Kevin Chuks Okolie

  •   Peter Ogunoh

  •   Udeagwu Hyginus Oguike


This study carried out a comparative study to evaluate the air-conditioning performance of an office space under two typical ventilation modes (displacement and mixing ventilation system). A wall supply diffuser is located at the ceiling height for the mixing ventilation case, whereas, the supply diffuser is at the floor level for the displacement ventilation case. In both cases, the exhaust grill is located at the ceiling. From the result of the simulation, the researchers observed that the displacement ventilation system could have a higher risk of discomfort relating to vertical temperature gradient than when compared to the mixing ventilation case. More so, the simulation result indicates that the temperature distribution in an office building is a function of the type of ventilation system adopted and marginally affected by the diffuser arrangement.

Keywords: CFD, Thermal comfort, Temperature gradient, Displacement ventilation, Mixing ventilation.


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